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Your custom bag will be sewn and shipped to you by November 15, 2019.

The PJB Go! bag is the most useful bag you will ever own.  You choose the colours and we build it just for you.  Like the bag you see in the photos?  Just add the default configuration to the cart.

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The PJB Go! bag was designed from the ground up to be the most useful bag you will ever own. Use it as a tote bag, a backpack, or as a x-body/shoulder bag.  It performs each function well, while not being bulky (laden with single purpose/use design elements), overly organizing you, or requiring excessive adjustment.

The Go! bag is a “hybrid dry” bag.  With the top extension rolled down and fastened this bag will take a direct hit from a wave and keep your stuff dry.  The base is 100% waterproof and the sides are effectively weatherproof but still breathable – a nice combination to allow the bag to be lighter and less bulky and therefore more usable while not trapping moisture in the bag long term (avoiding mold/mildew issues).  Heavy duty marine grade construction make for a bag of enduring quality.

Don’t organize me!  We think your bag should adapt to you, not the other way around.  The pockets of the Go! bag are designed to be useful and not get in the way.  You have access to the full 28L to use as you choose.  Try using smaller bags, pouches, and cases inside your Go! bag.  The Go! bag is free to use as you see fit.

Design your Go! bag using your favourite colours.  Configure your bag using our online bag builder tool and place your order.  We build your custom bag and ship it to you by the date indicated.

Carrying Modes:

Hand Tote Mode: molded handles for comfy carrying.
Shoulder Bag Mode: dual shoulder straps with nonslip pads, fully adjustable length (allows for Cross-body/Messenger Style wearing)
Backpack Mode: In a pinch the Go! bag converts to a backpack with shoulder pads to help distribute the load.

IMPORTANTThe Go! bag is primarily a tote bag that converts to a backpack in a pinch.  The Go! bag is not as comfortable as a dedicated backpack.  It is a fairly basic, but functioning backpack designed to save your shoulders and back when you have overloaded your bag.  We have come up with a bag to support the between moments that make up daily life. Super heavy carry-on load?  Put it on your back.  Bag half full of a few groceries?  Wear it on your shoulder, or put it on your back.  Taking the bus, hitting the beach, the pool, the library, or perusing the local shops?  Use it as a shoulder tote.  We think you will love it.


  • waterproof welded ‘puddle-proof’ base – put it down in a puddle of water and your gear stays dry (think showers at the pool, waiting for the bus, opening your car trunk, dinghy back to boat at anchor, kayak, paddle board..).
  • water resistant and breathable sides made with heavy-duty marine grade fabric that easily wipes clean.
  • four carrying modes in a light weight/succinct design
  • easily rolls up for compact storage or to pack and bring with you (take it with your traveling, stow on boat)
  • stands up and open for ease of use (think grocery isle)
  • extends vertically with 30% cinch down extension for bulkier loads
  • roll down extension to shed rain and waves while you dinghy to shore
  • easily wipe clean the inside and outside base of the bag (think crushed banana, public washroom/restaurant floor..)
  • water resistant and secure outer front zippered pocket
  • easy access outer mesh pocket next to body
  • machine washable, and re-treatable (see Care Instructions below)
  • corrosion resistant marine grade hardware
  • makes a great carry on bag.


  • ~28 L max. volume
  • ~22 L volume (15″ H x 11″ W x 8.5″ D) unextended or rolled down
    • + 8″ extension = ~28 L max. volume cinched
  • shoulder straps adjust in length between 24″ to 40″ each (custom sizing at no extra charge, please call to request)


  • top-of-the-line heavy duty marine grade fabric (ultra durable, breathable, highly water resistant WeatherMax 80 sides, Mercury 18 oz vinyl coated polyester scrim (ripstop) base, and Phifertex heavy duty vinyl mesh.
  • base hot air welded with added chafe protection for long life
  • marine grade acetal bag hardware will not absorb water and degrade over time
  • marine grade zinc coated grommets highly resistant to rust even in salt water conditions
  • stainless steel snaps
  • quality anti-wick B92 SunGuard mildew/rot, UV stable marine grade thread used
  • taped seams for improved water resistance
  • quality heavyweight polypropylene webbing does not absorb water
  • quality parachute cord cinch will not fray over time
  • reflective tape is sewn on

Care Instructions:

  • spot clean – simply wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth
  • machine washable on cold delicate cycle every couple of years as needed – hang dry.
  • base can be cleaned with a mild vinyl polish.  we have had success with Meguiar’s PlastX clear plastic cleaner and polish.
  • may need occasional re-treatment with Aqua Tite fabric treatment (re-treatment required after machine washing).
  • mildew and stains can be treated using IOSSO Mold and Mildew Cleaner.  Soak in warm solution overnight, lightly scrub before washing.
  • use IOSSO Seam Sealer for improved water resistance of seams

Puddle Jump Bags:  Designed and tested aboard a cruising sailboat;  Guaranteed for 10 years of daily use; Made in Cowichan Bay, BC.

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