Puddle Proof!

The Marina Bag from Puddle Jump Bags features a Puddle Proof base. Our no seam construction makes the base of this bag 100% waterproof. Put your bag in up to 4″ of water and it will not leak. But if you are going to have a puddle proof bag your bag needs to stand up by itself. That is why we glue what we call “skis” to the base that give it enough structure to support itself even when empty. The skis also act as chafe protection at the corners. Why glue? Stitching would add tiny holes. No holes = no possibility of leaking. The perfect bag for your shore landings in a dinghy. #madeincanadaonvancouverisland

Repurposed Sailcloth

Puddle Jump Bags are optionally made with repurposed sailcloth.

Each sail is laid out and inspected.  The useful fabric is cut into panels, soaked/treated, laundered, hang dried, and pressed all using eco-friendly products.  Each bag retains some of the character of the original sail.  Our upcycled products look better with age!

Do you have a spent sail you need to get rid of?  We will trade you an Upcycled Marina Bag for your sail.  We can even make your bag out of your old sail as a keepsake!

PJB featured in Canadian Yachting

PJB featured in Canadian Yachting

Our neighbor Kevin Smylski from Lee Sails features us in his article for Canadian Yachting magazine, “What to do with used sails”.  Kevin supplies us with sails that are destined for the landfill.  We recycled them into heavy duty bags that look cool. We are always looking for burned out sails to recycle.  Don’t throw them out!!  We’ll give you a bag in exchange for an old sail.


Kevin is the Western Canada sales rep for Lee Sails.  If you are looking for a new set of sails for your boat check out