Seriously awesome bags designed for mariners.  Made in Cowichan Bay, BC.

We love our Puddle Jump bag. While cruising in Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska we used it extensively for provisioning and carrying our supplies for daily adventures. It was tough enough to carry propane bottles and expanded enough to allow us to stock up on toilet paper, it is completely versatile. The waterproof bottom of the bag meant whatever was in the bag was safe from the yucky water in the bottom of the dinghy. Currently we are living a land based life, and the bag is still terrific for daily adventures, and excels for the beach or swimming lessons at the pool. We are so happy with the durability and thoughtful features of our bag. We need to get another one, not because ours has worn out, but because we keep arguing over who gets to take the Puddle Jump bag! We each need our own!
Jess Bjorklund

s/v Yare

We absolutely love our two Puddle Jump Bags.  The question isn’t what do we use it for, it is what DON’T we use it for.  Groceries, the shower bag, the beach bag, the book bag for library runs, the ball bag when we play tennis… it gets pulled out for every activity.  One of the big pros is that the bad is so strong. If you can carry it, the bag can hold it.  We love that it is waterproof on the bottom, super durable and expandable.  People always comment on what a cool bag it is when we have it in use.  Great bags!

Anne and Cameron Vawter

s/v Banyan

We love our Puddle Jump Bag.  In fact, we wish we had a few more.  Living on a boat in Mexico requires many ventures ashore for shopping, sometimes travel via airplane, or just to visit another boat at anchor.  We can fit a little or a lot into our PJ Bag.  It is extremely durable, professionally assembled, easy to carry by hand or over the shoulder, and waterproof.  We have no complaints whatsoever, but still, we just know that Pete will always find ways to improve the already wonderful features of the Puddle Jump Bags.

Kris & Kirk

s/v Linger Longer

Regarding the bag- we LOVE it. We seriously use it every single day! It is not only a great dinghy bag, but also a great bag for going into town and picking up a few things. The durable bottom makes it easy to put on any surface as well.

Lisa Robinson

s/v Bloom

I am so loving my PuddleJump bag. It has become a vital part of my life. During my work days I use it as a laptop bag. I had tried to find a laptop bag that could meet all my needs: backpack, waterproof, covert to a pannier bag for my bike but I never found one. Then I found the Puddle Jump Bag. It has changed my life. It has enough room for my purse and if I want to leave the office I can just take my purse out and not carry everything around. I often walk downtown and I am really enjoying the versatility of the straps. I often got a sore back with my old bag as it was always on an angle. Not the Puddle Jump Bag! I can wear it as a backpack as I walk or as a shoulder bag or as a carry tote. Whatever I need it can do it. I can feel confident walking home in snow or rain that all of my computer equipment is total safe and dry because I just pop up the dry bag function.

M. Gilbertson

I’m not a boater these days, but my Puddle Jump bag has made me the envy of my library co-workers! We tend to schlepp many weighty books to and fro regularly, and this is the bag to do the job. It is so capacious, flexible, sturdy and attractive. A vast improvement over any bag I’ve had…

S. A. Carter

My Puddle Jump Day Bag is by far the most versatile and practical bag I’ve ever owned (and I’m old so I’ve owned a few!).  I  can’t imagine not having it now!  Peter was a dream to deal with and made up a bag for me specifically in the colours I wanted and even delivered my bag to me in person!

I’ve been using it for a couple of years now in all sorts of situations and it’s adapted to anything I need.  It fits under the seat in planes so that I don’t have to be involved in that awkward trying to get your bag out of the overhead storage while everyone is standing in the aisle waiting to deplane situation!   It can also fold up to be very compact if I’m taking it as an extra bag in case I’m going in one direction without much and coming home with lots!  I’ve recently started using it as a pannier on my bike and it’s worked well for that too.  My husband has used the Puddle Jump bag too and he commented on Peter’s carefully thought out design, workmanship and the materials he used to make the bag.

My only regret is that I probably won’t do business with Peter again as I can’t imagine ever needing another bag because this one is so well made and easy to clean.  My only way to thank Peter is to write a review like this in the hopes that others will benefit from owning a Puddle Jump Bag!

M. Francis - Victoria, BC