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Made in

Cowichan Bay

Made in Canada

on Vancouver Island.













Versatile & Strong!
Made in Cowichan Bay, BC.

S/V YARE Jess Bjorklund

We love our Puddle Jump bag. While cruising in Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska we used it extensively for provisioning and carrying our supplies for daily adventures. It was tough enough to carry propane bottles and expanded enough to allow us to stock up on toilet paper, it is completely versatile. The waterproof bottom of the bag meant whatever was in the bag was safe from the yucky water in the bottom of the dinghy. Currently we are living a land based life, and the bag is still terrific for daily adventures, and excels for the beach or swimming lessons at the pool. We are so happy with the durability and thoughtful features of our bag. We need to get another one, not because ours has worn out, but because we keep arguing over who gets to take the Puddle Jump bag! We each need our own!

Summer - Victoria, BC

The bag is MARVELLOUS! We really put it to the test at the beach in Maui. It saved our dry goods from a rogue, incoming tide (the bag floats upright, like a bucket!) ; did a good job of keeping sand out; kept our phones within easy reach (the double pockets keep phones/cameras and sunblock easily accessible); held everything, was easy to carry (comfy wide straps), was super easy to hose out and dried quickly; heavy duty for Costco grocery runs; is light and rolled up nicely for packing and still looks like new! It’s now our staple bag for errands at home and everything when we travel.

Fiona - Lake District

My son Jack , who working his way around Canada, saw your bag and bought me one for my birthday. It arrived yesterday, and is already hard at work, I couldn’t be more pleased with it. Thank you for your quick and efficient delivery and for making such a useful and smart bag.
Here is a photo of it on the shores of Crummock Water in the English Lake District, near where we live. It’s not quite BC but it’s home!

S.A Carter - Duncan, BC

I’m not a boater these days, but my Puddle Jump bag has made me the envy of my library co-workers! We tend to schlepp many weighty books to and fro regularly, and this is the bag to do the job. It is so capacious, flexible, sturdy and attractive. A vast improvement over any bag I’ve had…