About Us

We are a small family business based in Sidney BC.  We are committed to providing quality products designed specifically for pedestrians, bicycle commuters, mass transit users, and world travellers.

We are passionate about multimodal/intermodal pedestrian transit and mixed-mode commuting.  We provide products to help our customers embrace this dynamic lifestyle regardless of age or ability.  Our work is our service and consequently we run a socially and environmentally responsible business.  We are committed to providing enduring products that are both widely affordable and domestically made – transparently, and responsibly.  Every Puddle Jump Bags is made in Sidney BC, using domestically sourced materials.

We are currently working towards carbon neutrality, zero waste manufacturing, and fair employment certification.  We are also setting up partnerships with various groups who are engaged in protecting the world’s ecosystems, and improving the lives of marginalized peoples. Our aim is to donate a percentage of each sale to these groups.

We offer quality products that will serve you well for decades of daily use.  Should you need it we will repair your bag for free within the first 10 years of use (shipping not included). The bag can be retreated with Aqua Tite Fabric Treatment to restore water resistance every couple of years and/or after washing.  For added protection treat exposed seams with IOSSO Seam Sealer.

The “Basic Tote”, the “Original Tote”, and the “Day Bag” are original designs conceived, developed, and tested as we traveled aboard our floating home, S/V Riki Tiki Tavi.  Every bag is made by hand by the designer in his workshop in Sidney, BC.  More than 18 months of prototyping, testing, and development have been invested in these designs.  Our medium to long term goal is to stay small and connect with our customers as much as possible.

All materials are domestically sourced where possible. A few components not available in Canada are ordered from the US. All materials are made in North America. With the exception of vinyl, all components are widely considered food safe and are fully recyclable. We offer a hypoallergenic version for those who are sensitive to vinyl fabrics and/or are willing to give up the puddle-proof base of the Day Bag.  Please read a description of the toxicity of materials used here.

Our family travel blog is www.boatsteading.com.

Thanks for your interest in Puddle Jump Bags.  We welcome your questions and comments via email at info@puddlejumpbags.com.


The shop in Sidney, BC. Yes, it is a container :)